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Hi, I'm Marisa Lucy!

My portfolio showcases a range of graphic designs, websites, branding & logos as well as photography! Check it out & give me some feedback!

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My First Internship at ArtsQuest - standing next to my banner designs!



With a passion for both design & business, I started my own graphic & web design company, Marisa Lucy Design, LLC in 2015.

My work is about helping companies design successful brands so they can focus on running their own business. Let me help you share your mission, your purpose and what makes you unique

My Story


Creativity & design came to me at a young age. When my grandmother watched me as a child, we spent hours coloring, drawing, and painting. I found art in everything growing up, from the color palettes used in movies to labels on products at the grocery store. In high school, I decided to take Graphic Art as my elective. This made my passion stronger and I knew since Freshman year that design would be my college major. You could find me in the graphics room any free chance I had, even creating an independent study when I ran out of classes to take.


I began my first creative job with a local music booking agency. Here, I set up the website and advertised through social media. I learned it wasn’t only graphic design that I was enthusiastic about, but website design and digital marketing as well.


I attended Moravian College for Graphic & Interactive Design. In college, I took three different internships for credits and enjoyed the work at each business. I learned how diverse this industry can be by designing for ArtsQuest, Historic Bethlehem & The Moravian College Career Center over three consecutive semesters. I realized that every business I began working for, was a whole new adventure giving me the opportunity to help these businesses create their vision and attract their ideal visitors to their events.


My senior year I had the opportunity to start freelancing on the side. I fell in love with working for multiple businesses and helping them succeed. This is when I began Marisa Lucy Design, LLC and it has been a truly rewarding experience. To this day, I am still working for those initial freelance clients and have also been contracted to work by my previous internships while adding numerous small businesses, start-up companies, and corporations to my portfolio.

My Ending Goal Is To See You Succeed!

I love working with businesses both small and large, family operated companies, non-profits, start-ups, & more! Each client I work with is a diverse opportunity to learn more. I care about your results as much as you do! I want to help you in your services & send potential customers your way!


Dog Lover


High School Sweetheart

Diehard NY

Jets & Mets


Proud Moravian College


Coffee Lover

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