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Color Of The Month - August

August - The last month of summer. The month before the air begins to get cooler and the leaves begin to fall. August is the month we try to get any last minute summer hobbies, travels, or activities in. As August comes around we spend some quality relaxing time soaking up summer as well as prepare for the changes of fall.

Teal Mood board
August Color Of the Month

August Color of the Month - Teal

Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. Just like August is both holding on to summer while excited for the change of season into fall. Teal is a revitalizing and rejuvenating color that also represents communication and clarity of thought. Teal is a common sight in the natural world.

This month, let's prepare and set up for the changing of the seasons.

Here Are 3 Ways To Set Up Your Small Business This Fall

*Contains Affiliate Links*

  1. Set up your CRM System. As you probably know by now I am LOVING my CRM (Client Relationship Management) software - Dubsado. If you feel like your business is picking up and suddenly, that paper system you’ve always used to manage clients, just can’t keep up, then this is definitely something to look into. There are many great CRM's out there. Dubsado is great because it has both a backend & frontend management system where you can do everything from keep track of your tasks, to send client proposals & even keep track of monthly income. Get 20% off by using my code! (

  2. Update Your Website/Portfolio. It is really important to be showcasing your up-to-date information and most recent projects online for your potential customers. Use this time to begin planning for what you can do in the fall to build attraction and new clients. Using a professional designer will save your time, give you an overall professional look, keeps your look on brand, and helps you get the results you want.

  3. Tackle One Social Media Platform To Showcase Your Brand. There are so many different social media sites that it can get very overwhelming. Take this time to figure out which platform would be best for your ideal customers and begin slowly just learning the ins and outs. Research inspirational companies and businesses that align to your vision. Then - just get yourself out there. You can decide to tackle Pinterest, get your small business on Instagram or try a professional route like LinkedIn.

This is a time to enjoy yourself and your business while providing change that will make the upcoming fall months even better! Continue to build and reach your goals by setting your business up to succeed!


2019 - The Year Of The Best You!

Color can influence our lives in such a positive way. Come back each month & join the journey of your best version of you! I am looking forward to helping you throughout 2019 to ensure a happy, positive & sparkling year!

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