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Color Of The Month - December

December is a holiday season, Christmas on the 25th, Hanukkah begins on the evening of the 22nd, and Kwanza on the 26th. These holidays represent family, love, charity, and giving. During this holiday season, this is an important time to practice gratitude, celebrate your loved ones with gifts of all kinds & to reflect on the year. This is a magical time filled with many twinkling lights, sparkly garland, beautiful ornaments, and decorations all around us. It makes the cold, winter months seem actually very beautiful, passionate, energetic and exciting.

Dark Red Mood board
December Color Of the Month

December Color of the Month - Deep Red

Red is a bright, warm color that evokes strong emotions. It is associated with love, warmth, and passion. Red is also considered an intense, color that creates feelings of excitement or intensity. Like black, red is also frequently described as a strong color that brings to mind feelings of strength and power, but red is not just seen as an exciting or strong color — it also seems to have a fun and playful side.

Red is a strong, exciting color. It makes us feel powerful and happy. The beauty of red roses, the shiny red apples, red is a power statement. So what were the exciting, powerful events that happened this year in your life? What goals did you accomplish that make you feel passionate about your work or personal dreams? Did you accomplish your desires that you set out to in the beginning of the year? Any little steps towards your goal are powerful & strong. You should be proud of your hard work!


How To Reflect On The Past Year In A Positive Way:

  1. Find a Quiet Place & An Hour's Time. After the busy holiday, take a day before the new year and block out an hour. This way, you are not roped back into the busy work and life balance moving into 2020 without reflecting at all on 2019.

  2. Make A List. If it helps, go through your photos from this year and make a list of your favorite things you did, accomplished, visited, celebrated, or any activity that made you happy. Then, go back through your list and bold the absolute favorites.

  3. Name one thing you worked on for yourself this year, one personal goal that you were happy you achieved.

  4. Name one thing you worked on for your business or career this year that helped advance and grow your company.

  5. Your Word of The Year. What was your word of the year for 2019? How did you live up to it? Were there any specific events that stood out to you?

  6. What Inspired You? What did you do this year that brought the most inspiration into your life? What were you most excited about?

  7. List your top 5 achievements. The goals you set out to do that you accomplished.

  8. And Finally - What can you improve on? What goals did you not quite reach, what were the problem areas of 2019? What events did you do, attend, try, that did not bring joy? What brought more stress than happiness? It's important to know what not to carry over into 2020!


2019 - The Year Of The Best You!

Color can influence our lives in such a positive way. Come back each month & join the journey of your best version of you! I am looking forward to helping you throughout 2019 to ensure a happy, positive & sparkling year!

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