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Color Of The Month - May

May is a transition month. At least for those of us on the East Coast, May is a month that goes from the chilly, rainy spring to the gorgeous and warm summer. As the weather gets warmer, we all seem to be finding ourselves in happier moods. That is why the color of the month for May is peach. The color peach is charming and light. It evokes feelings of both joy and excitement. It is also known as the color of healing and courage.

Peach Mood board
May Color Of the Month

May Color of the Month - Peach

Use the energy healing properties of the Color Peach when you are down. Whether you are on a personal or business journey, the healing properties of the color peach can help you find your true self and bring back your light in the world.

I always take this month of May and try to make sure my business is organized for the upcoming summer months. As Memorial Day weekend approaches, I set up a small check list that will help me achieve my overall goals of the year. May is a time to reflect on your goals as well as plan for the future months to make sure you stay on path.

I was inspired by an article by the Rising Tide about how to prepare your small business for Memorial Day, so I decided to create my own list that can work for both your personal & business life to prepare for the summer.

7 Things You Should Do In Your Business/Personal Life Before The Summer Begins!

  • Schedule Your Vacation Time Early- This doesn't mean you can't decide on spontaneous trips, but it is a good idea to have your vacation time scheduled so that you can let your clients, or family know when you are not available. If you travel while you work, it is good to schedule some down time to enjoy yourself.

  • Use Google Calendar - I use Google Calendar for everything! It syncs with my apps, laptop & phone. Use time blocking to figure out your schedule for the upcoming month. For me, this helps with any procrastination or lack of motivation.

  • Finally Sign Up for that Course/Program/Software That You've Been Meaning To! - I just did this before writing this article! I believe you should never stop learning. I signed up for a course on using my client project management software. But there are tons of courses or programs that you can take that can advance your knowledge, even if it was nothing to do with your career, why not take a class learning a new language or skill?

  • Follow Up With Clients (or Friends) - This is the perfect time to send out any reminder emails, follow up with old clients that may need more work or catch up with old friends at a cafe. Why not reach out? It could help you grow your business!

  • Review Budget/Goals - How are you doing with your budget? If you are scheduling some time off, make sure you still schedule to pay yourself!

  • Schedule Your Summer Reading - Pick out any books/audiobooks you want to listen to over the summer. I try to plan to read at least one personal development, biography, business development, & fiction book to read or listen to.

  • Automate your Business - Now is a good time to set your automatic emails. Write some canned email responses for typical questions that you get so you don't have to come up with something for every email you get! You could also look into getting a client management software, like Dubsado! Look out for my next blog post where I share my love & review for my new favorite CRM. For 20% off your subscription visit my link here! and use the code "marisalucy".


2019 - The Year Of The Best You!

Color can influence our lives in such a positive way. Come back each month & join the journey of your best version of you! I am looking forward to helping you throughout 2019 to ensure a happy, positive & sparkling year!

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