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Color Of The Month - November

It's November already! This year is almost over. This month is all about gratitude and thankfulness. It's a time to sit back and reflect on your accomplishments this year and your last bit to set your intentions on any remaining goals. In November, at least in the East Coast, it begins to get dark early and very cold. It's the perfect month to cuddle up with a cup of coffee, read a good book, journal, and meditate. The perfect practice this month is to find beauty in the little things and constantly appreciate all that is around you. It's finding the balance between work and family throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Grey Mood board
November Color Of the Month

November Color of the Month - Grey

Grey is an up and coming popular color. In style, clothes, interior design, grey is being used more and more. And this is because it is simple, beautiful and feels balanced. The color grey is blending in, calm, and makes you feel at ease. In color psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance. The color meaning likely comes from being the shade between white and black.

Grey is a timeless and practical color that is sophisticated yet subtle.

This month, let's practice gratitude and appreciate all the beauty surrounding us within our own businesses and personal lives.

"Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions."

10 Ways To Practice Gratitude:

  1. Tell your family & friends you are thankful for them and why

  2. Write positive reviews for small and local businesses

  3. Lend your favorite book to someone who could benefit from the lessons & story.

  4. Start a journal and end each entry with something you are thankful for.

  5. Include an act of kindness in your life each day & document it to read all together at the end of the month.

  6. Call your grandparents/parents and remind them you love them.

  7. Make a gratitude collage, by cutting out pictures of all the things that you are grateful for.

  8. Be thankful when you learn something new and share with others your knowledge.

  9. Post quotes and images that remind you to be grateful around your house or office.

  10. Give back to your community by volunteering or donating to causes that mean something positive to you.


2019 - The Year Of The Best You!

Color can influence our lives in such a positive way. Come back each month & join the journey of your best version of you! I am looking forward to helping you throughout 2019 to ensure a happy, positive & sparkling year!

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