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Color Of The Month - October

In my mind, October has always been a month that symbolized a playful & fun season. The outdoors are painted with colorful leaves and bright orange pumpkins. It's also my birthday month, so I may be biased when I say that October is a month of excitement, joy & cheer. From painting pumpkins, apple picking, bonfires to dressing up in costumes and eating candy - at any age - October is a creative & playful month.

Orange Mood board
October Color Of the Month

October Color of the Month - Orange

Orange is a combination of red and yellow. A blend of the energy associated with red and the happiness associated with yellow. Orange symbolizes joy, warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, fun, expression, fascination - and so much more!

Studies show that Orange helps aid decision making, and enhances happiness, confidence, and understanding. Orange is often associated with autumn leaves, pumpkins, and when used alongside the color black, Halloween. With the change in color of the leaves, orange often represents the changing seasons.

This month my idea is to find playful approaches to your business. Give yourself some excitement and fun with your small business tasks.

Bring A Playful Approach To Your Business
  1. Reframe Your Tasks - Those lingering tasks that you never want to do can be anything from invoicing to writing content to scheduling - reframe your thoughts. Don't think "I have to invoice again." and then hold off until the next week, instead make it fun. Invite some other small business owners to a cafe and work on these dreaded tasks there, have a friend over who also needs to get work done and work together. And the best part, every time you complete these tasks, have a reward. A small piece of candy, a cup of coffee, go see a movie, something that you love doing. And make it a routine! Every month when you schedule your social media content and finish, go to your favorite place and celebrate!

  2. Pick Up A New Hobby & Use It In Your Business - This can be a fun new way to expand your business and offer new fun services to your list. Maybe you are a graphic designer who learns to code or draw, then you can start selling custom templates and illustrations. You could learn photography, expand your knowledge of teaching or tutoring, write, paint, learn a musical instrument, videography, & so much more. This will bring a new creative opportunity to continue to learn!

  3. The Fun Little Details - What brings you joy? Does making other people happy in return make you happy? That's why a lot of us are in business, to serve others. Then find new, creative, exciting ways to go the extra mile, above and beyond for your clients. Start sending your clients a handwritten note thanking them for their business, send them a small gift certificate for a major holiday, or reach out and send a personalized card for their birthday. Do things that you would love to receive as a client and have fun doing it!

This month allows us to bring forth our creativity, our playfulness, and our excitement of fall. Use this energy for your business. Keep growing & have fun.


2019 - The Year Of The Best You!

Color can influence our lives in such a positive way. Come back each month & join the journey of your best version of you! I am looking forward to helping you throughout 2019 to ensure a happy, positive & sparkling year!

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