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Color Of The Month - September

The Month of September symbolizes the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, and the start of a new school year. With respect to the calendar, September marks the beginning of the chilly weather and the starts to make you reflect on the upcoming end of the year. How have you been keeping up with your goals? September is a great check-in month, you can see how far you've come as well as still have flexible time to accomplish what you set out to do in 2019.

Beige Mood board
September Color Of the Month

September Color of the Month - Beige

Beige is dependable, conservative, and flexible. The color beige is neutral and relaxing. The attributes and meanings associated with beige change based on the colors it accompanies. According to Bourncreative, the color beige offers some of the warmth of the color brown and the some of the crisp and coolness of the color white. While it is a relaxing color, beige can often be seen as a dull color, unless surrounded by other warm colors. Beige is a very popular color in home design and decoration. It provides a good balance of neutrality, calm and comfort which is ideal.

This month lets focus on the basic things in life, such as simple comforts, family, and good friends. Try to be extra friendly, welcoming and helpful to others. Do the smaller tasks that lead to larger accomplishments. I have faith in you, reader!

3 Basic Tasks to Focus On This Month For Your Small Business.
  1. Create a Business Plan - A business plan serves as a roadmap for growing your business. Here you can outline the little details, document your processes, obtaining your business goals and the methods on how these goals can be attained, and the time frame within which these goals need to be achieved.

  2. Social Media Content - Decide which platform is right for your business. Then research the best way to showcase your content. Decide what your dream client would want to see on your account, and make sure that aligns with your vision.

  3. Go Over Your Mission, Vision & Values - It may have been a while since you wrote your business mission. Take some time this month to make any needed revisions or re-align yourself with your vision. And make sure you include these on your website, to attract clients and customers with similar values.

Continue to build and reach your goals by setting your business up to succeed! Take a simple approach to avoid any burnout or overwhelmed feelings, and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to!


2019 - The Year Of The Best You!

Color can influence our lives in such a positive way. Come back each month & join the journey of your best version of you! I am looking forward to helping you throughout 2019 to ensure a happy, positive & sparkling year!

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