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The Power of Ta-Da Lists

Turning the To-Do's into Ta-Da's

This year, I began writing down projects that I completed each month. This was simply to keep track of what I wanted to add to my portfolio as well as share with my social media world.

Then one day I was listening to a podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, which by the way I totally recommend, and an episode came on called Write a “Ta-Da” List. I was listening to this thinking how great of an idea it was, I couldn't wait to get back to my office and start. That next day I looked over and saw my very own Monthly Design Projects list and in parenthesis Add to website & social media! And that was it, that was my Ta-Da list. I did it without even knowing it for both January & February this year. I changed the title, because Ta-Da List is way more fun than Monthly Design Projects list!


So if you are like me, someone who constantly keeps to-do lists, organized by month, by week, by client and by project - then you NEED a Ta-Da list to celebrate your little victories!

How To Make Your Ta-Da List:

As you are writing your task list, create a new list on a clean piece of paper. This can be as fun as you'd like, add stickers, highlighters, doodles, or keep a file on your computer, using word, google docs, or Evernote - like I use to type out all my blog posts! In my opinion, having your Ta-Da list written on a piece of paper and taped near your desk or work area is the best way to spark motivation and give yourself satisfaction - ending the day and seeing all you accomplished!

We are better at remembering our To-Do tasks than completed ones.

How many times have you gone back through your emails or folders and completely forgot about a project you did? Or didn't realize all the time, steps and energy you actually put into some of your "smaller" tasks?

This little helpful hint can work in your business, at work, or if you are trying to reach a personal goal. You can keep track of your small victories that add up to the huge win. It makes the entire process a success, plus encourages you along the way.

I wish I could tell the whole world that this simple trick has helped my business so much! I am able to stay motivated and inspired and I feel so encouraged to see the long lists I add each week. It is nice to look back and see your growth.

So whatever tasks seem daunting, whatever you want to celebrate, whether you just keep track of the daily tasks you do or keep a record of every project you complete, making a Ta-Da list will spark joy in your life!

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